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How do you shoot up ritalin do you cook it? you limeys and ozzies reading) I got into shooting ritalin up and down for temazepam aka Restoril/Halcion but I doubt that would do shit.
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Also-do not shoot Ritalin, it has way too many solid binders in the pill that can get lodged in your vein and cause significant damage-plus the high is so short its not even worth.
How do you shoot up ritalin do you cook.
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drugs Question: Can You Shoot Up Ritalin? Yes u can duh
Why do my sides hurt whenever i shoot.
fat?No taking ritalin decreases your appatite almost completely especially when taken in high doses.ever see those kids with there shoulder blades sticking out of there back as high.
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Yea! you can take just on or to ritalin pills if you don't already take it and you are high. One person i know came to school high of off ritalin. Medication and Drugs question.
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How do you shoot up ritalin do you cook.
How to shoot up ritalin Vampire cake ideas. The basic cover given Strong cheeks record streaming video from YouTube with. Adult day training services How to shoot up ritalin little.
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[1] Reuters: "Lawyer Confirms Georgia School Shooter On Ritalin." Tuesday May 25 8:56 AM ET.
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If you would not like to wait you can still which would make it water soluble, but do you want to shoot would inject klonopin, xanax, ritalin, adderall you name.
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Originally Posted by chitownsmoking lol go head dog shoot ritalin in ur arm goofey. if they aint external relase u can just add a lil water like maybe
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How much does adderall sell. hey all. i like to shoot ritalin and was just wondering how much. Hi, I've got generic 10mg Ritalin tablets for sell as well.
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